Monday, 11 May 2015

Gold and silver at the Interclub!

Yesterday was a big day for Checkmat Wimbledon.

After weeks of hard training from all the lads, I took two students down to London Fight Factory for the second Interclub; I don't think who was the more nervous the lads or myself, knowing it was their first comp and all the feelings and emotions that come with competing. My mouth was dry all day and my heart was pounding in my chest, even more so when they stepped up to compete.

Luiz Ribeiro and his team put on a great event, well run and organised and I'm pleased to say that the lads walked away with silver and gold medals.  Massive achievement as the level of Jiu Jitsu was very high across all the belt colours and there were some epic matches from borth male and female, kids and adults.

Farhaz (l) and Nayden (r)

These events are great for first timers, as it gives them a taste of what the big events are like and gives them some competitive mat time amongst team mates and both students really enjoyed the day and want to compete in a big event, as do the three lads that came down to support the event, so lots to work on this year.  Exciting times ahead.

Massive well done to Farhaz (silver) and Nayden (gold) and to all the lads back at the club, that have worked hard over the last few months, pushing everybody hard. This is the result and reward for all the hard work and commitment and everyone's Jiu Jitsu improves along the way, so everyone's a winner.

Looking forward to class this evening, let's get ready for the next competition! 

(Credit for the team photo to Dan Fryer)

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