Monday, 18 May 2015

Scott Caldwell - REAL Fighting!

As many of you know, I come from a Traditional Martial Arts background of Karate and Applied Jiu Jitsu and I still throw in the odd bit of Trad JJ in my BJJ classes. I have been fortunate in pressure testing my Jiu Jitsu on a weekly basis whilst at work and I still keep in touch with my old coaches and always welcome to make new friends amongst the self defence fraternity.

Scott Caldwell is one such individual.  I recently updated my website courtesy of Scott's wife and we have become friends over the internet through our combined interest in martial arts and self defence. 

In addition to teaching, Scott is part of the Martial Arts Guardian online multimedia magazine and as such, my interest in all things self defence has been re ignited and I am now a subscriber to the magazine.

Scott has a great website with a very inspiring video of his REAL fighting system, so I'm sharing his site and his teachings on my Blog, as well as giving regular updates on everything Scott gets up to.

As always, keep an open mind regards to your training and always be open to new ideas and concepts.  Oossss! 

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