Thursday, 14 May 2015

Martial Arts Guardian - Seal of Approval!

I've really hit the big time now...............

Two of my good friends Scott Caldwell and Russell Jarmesty are involved in a new multi media magazine, Martial Arts Guardian and in their own words from their website, this is what it's all about.............

'Martial Arts Guardian is a FREE online martial arts magazine with news, reviews, reports, events and videos from the martial arts world.  There are 12 issues a year, with a new issue out on the middle Sunday of every month.

The magazine was started because The Guardians, Steve Rowe, Russell Jarmesty, Scott Caldwell and Simon Keegan, want to put an end to the corruption and unethical marketing within the martial arts world and get back to good old honest martial arts.  It’s a magazine for anyone in the martial arts community to share good training and ethical business, attend each others events and read about the true community heroes practicing martial arts as well as the more famous fighters and teachers.  It’s a magazine by martial arts people, for martial arts people!

The revolution is here.  Power to the people!'

On the website is a section titled Recommended Clubs, where the Guardians list clubs that meet their criteria, giving them their Seal of Approval and yes, you've guessed it, Checkmat Wimbledon is on the list and the first BJJ club to be added no less.

So fame and fortune to follow, what more can you ask for on a rainy Thursday in London? 

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