Thursday, 14 May 2015

Last night's class

Proper session last night, the momentum is really picking up at the club, after the success of the lads at the Interclub at the weekend.  Good numbers once again and it was a hard session last night, as we train after the kickboxing class, so the gym is already very warm before we even start to warm up.

Took the lads through ten minutes of hell with two minute rounds of bodyweight flow exercises, all specific to BJJ, which had the desired effect.  Lots of sweat.

After a few drills, we covered the leg drag pass from DLR and from the pass, taking the back, with plenty of pointers on how to control your opponent once in this commanding position.

Invisible Jiu Jitsu followed, with a demonstration about the concept of connection with your opponent and we had lots of fun at this point, as I showed the concept on a 'street' level, something which I've been using on the doors for years and I think the lads really understood the concept from this position and from here, we can apply this concept to the groundwork.

Rolling ended the class and I'm sure everyone had a thoroughly good time, I know I did, I really enjoyed the class and am really looking forward to Monday's class.

Well done to all the lads for working hard and for their loyalty and support, can't do this without you :)



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