Thursday, 26 May 2016

DVD review - Killing the half guard by Fabio 'Mastermind' Holanda

The half guard can be one of the most effective positions in BJJ and if you don't know how to stop it against an experienced player you will have problems.
Fabio Holanda  aka "The Mastermind" has had some amazing wins as a competitor,  defeating Kenny Florian and Murilo Santana and is a multiple time Brazilian Champion and has trained the likes of GSP in Mixed Martial Arts.
 BJJ Superdeals are renowned for releasing high quality DVD instructionals and this continues with a great DVD on killing the half guard by BTT black belt Fabio Holanda.  A lot of the half guard DVD's that are out now, spend a lot of time and attention to passing the half guard, plus sweeps and counters, so this DVD is a welcome addition to this position.

Twelve chapters are on the DVD and it starts with Fabio talking about the anatomy of the half guard and the importance of being in top half guard position.  From this position, Fabio starts off showing how to defend an underhook attack from his partner, which leads into the second chapter, which covers the knee slice pass, which also starts from the same underhook position and continues this position for seven chapters.

Deep half guard defence is covered with options to finish via armlock and kimura, plus a nice counter to the waiter sweep from deep half guard ending up with an Achilles lock submission.

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