Saturday, 28 May 2016

Valmyr Neto @ London Fight Factory!

Had an awesome No Gi session today, with a surprise guest instructor, in the shape of Valmyr Neto, who delivered a masterclass on the butterfly guard position; as you walk down the steps into the lair of LFF, one never knows who is going to be coming through the doors and as always, a massive thanks to Luiz for arranging this awesome surprise.

I really learned a lot today about the butterfly position and Neto showed a classic sweep and gave everybody a number of slick options and submissions to play around with, before putting theory into practice and thus rounded off for me, an awesome week of training at LFF.

As most of you know I've had trouble with a lower back injury and for now, everything seems to be OK and I've managed hard training all week and still managed to get out bed and put my socks on unaided.

Rest day tomorrow and back at the coal face on Monday, with a monster session with Luiz in the afternoon and my regular Monday session in the evening.

It's what Bank Holidays are made for - Ooooossssss!

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