Wednesday, 25 May 2016

London Fight Factory!

After a long lay off from training due to my creaky back, I have been spending more time down at London Fight Factory, slowly building up my long lost cardio and getting back my sharpness.  Ten years ago, this would have been a walk in the park, but sadly, time catches up with everyone and I find I'm not as invincible as I thought I was all those years ago.

Hard training takes a day or two extra to recover from and training two or three times a day, well that's just a fond memory, but hey, every once in a while, just to keep the flame burning! 

Down at LFF the guys and gals are preparing for major competitions, namely the Sub 15, which sees purple belt Omid stepping up to fight and the big one, the IBJJF British Nationals No Gi event at the end of June, held at Crystal Palace.

Currently all sessions are geared towards competition intensity, as Luiz pushes everyone to the limit and beyond, whether they are competing or not; I've attended three sessions since last Saturday and although I ache everywhere, my back has held up and hasn't given me any grief, which is very encouraging news.  That doesn't mean I'll be going crazy and training every day like a madman, I'll need to rest some days and for all the Seniors out there, don't be afraid to have a rest day and listen to your body.  Better to have a rest day and come back the day after refreshed, than let the old ego in and go and train tired and fatigued and as always, they are the days you aggrave an old injury and/or pick up a  new one.

For me, the training has been a much needed boost both physically and mentally; I feel great that I have finished all the sessions in one piece and not picked up any new injuries and the back is as strong as ever, so onwards and upwards. 

Any old timers reading this post, hang in there and keep on going; pick good partners to train with who you know aren't out to hurt you and give it 100% and keep on flying the flag for the Seniors :)

Many thanks to Magda from LFF for the awesome photos.

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