Thursday, 19 May 2016

Training update

It's felt like my typing fingers have been cut off since I had trouble with the laptop, with an agonising four weeks away from Blogging; in that time there's been plenty going on at Checkmat Wimbledon and plenty of quality training.
Ron and Farhaz repping the Interclub tees

We're in full competition mode over the Summer and after the LFF Interclub, the next event is the Kent Open on June 5th, which we're all training hard, have about four or five guys and gals entering the event.

After that, there are a few events around London, plus the Brighton Open to choose from, which we entered last year and had a great time, a well run event by the 24/7 guys.

Lots of hard work to look forward to over the coming months and as always, our Jiu Jitsu only gets better, so pack your Gi's in your ruck sacks, wherever you train and hit the mats, especially all the lovely Masters and Seniors out there, look forward to seeing you all in Kent!

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