Tuesday, 6 December 2011

BJJ Bonanza at the Hereford Open 10!

After a long day reffing at the UMA no gi comp on Saturday, I drove down to Hereford with the Pipster and dropped anchor at Dave Coles's residence, in readiment for the competition on Sunday.  And what a competition!  Black and brown belts were lured to the competition via way of free entry and this made for some really exciting fights and I'm proud to say that I was involved in the event, both as a ref and competitor.
With Dave Coles

In the black belt superfights, Scott Pickering from Team Sukata was in fine form, submitting the game Bruno Leta from Roleta BJJ, as was Kevin Webb who beat Rafael Heck from Checkmat, making it UK 2 - Brazil 0. 

This was my first proper comp as a brown belt and I was to face Tim Lukes from team Rafael dos Santos, based in Cornwall and we had the additional honour of having Braulio Estime ref our match; towering over me at 6'5'', I knew I would have problems from his closed guard.  I intended to take him down and work from side control, but Tim jumped guard from what looked liked a mile away and I was trapped in a leg and arm nightmare.
With Tim Lukes
With such long legs, the only choice was to stand and pass guard, leaving me open to sweeps and yes, you guessed it, I got swept :) Stuck in mount, I relied on my fundamentals and managed to reverse my position and ended up back in guard, where I again started to stand to try and pass.  After a failed attempt, I was then swept into mount position and Tim maintained his position and subbed me with a nice little choke.  Overall, a good match up, lasted three minutes and gained a lot from the fight.  Roll on Feb 19th 2012 for the next Hereford Open!
Braulio Estima

Shouts out to Dave Coles for running another great comp, Seymour Yang for the funky t shirts, my lovely sponsors Gareth and Lee from Tatami, Creely, Wagon, Pippa, Oli Geddes, my referee partner Rob Stevens, all the lads from Team Sukata, Tim Lukes, Braulio Estima and everyone else I met on the day.
Lee and Gareth from Tatami
Results:-  http://www.thecombatacademy.com/HO10Results.html 

With the Meerkat, Seymour Yang

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