Monday, 5 December 2011

Lee 'Demolition Man' James - gold medal # 5!!

Once again, Lee James lived up to his nickname at the UMA No Gi Championships, blazing a trail through his weight division to pick up his fifth gold medal in a row this year! 

Lee has competed in UMA events and the Blackpool Open this year and has bagged the gold medal in commanding style at all events; I have had the pleasure of coaching Lee since February 2011 and to see him winning again and again is fantastic and am wondering just when  will the Demolition Man be beaten??

Lee James on the #1 spot!
We will have to wait for 2012 to arrive before we see Lee back in action on the mats and hopefully in the cage as well, joining the other half of Team Legion of Doom, Mitchell 'Maximus' Richards..................

Team Legion of DOOM!

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