Monday, 19 December 2011

Old Skool Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pix!

My good friend Simon Hayes has started a group on Facebook (UK BJJ Underground), inviting all the UK BJJ community to come together and talk about everything Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!/groups/286498698062505/

It is already packed with photos from the early days of BJJ and I have added a few of my own and thought I'd drop some in here.  Over time, I'll drop more and more in from my early days training, travelling, competing and reporting.

GB Brum 2001
Mauricao and Roger Gracie seminar at my GB club in Bolton 2004
Tiro Luta Vale Tudo comp 2001
With Chris Haueter, 2003

With Dan Inosanto, Machado Academy LA, 1999.  Where the journey really started.

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