Friday, 2 December 2011

A weekend of grappling action!!

Looking forward to a great weekend of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, gi and no gi, as myself and a number of my students are competing in grappling events across the UK.

First port of call tomorrow is the UMA No Gi Grappling event in Stoke (; organised by Jim Mc Sherry, I will be there to referee and watch a few of my lads make their opponents 'Taste the Rainbow' and bring back a few medals.

After that event, I will be driving down to Hereford with the Pipster (Pippa Granger) to spend the night with my very good friend Dave Coles, organiser of the Hereford Open 10, which runs on Sunday (  I will be joining the referee team and in the afternoon will be competing in my first proper tournament as a brown belt, facing two experienced guys, namely Lee Catling (Braulio Estima) and Tim Lukes (Raphael dos Santos).

A few other students are competing this  Sunday at the Takedown grapplefest ( so once again an extremely busy weekend for Combat Base Bolton and Combat base UK in general.  Keep reading the Blog for full reports and pix :)

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