Monday, 15 February 2016

DVD review - Spider Leg Lasso by Travis Stevens

Summary – Introductory DVD into the open guard spider leg lasso position.

Renzo Gracie black belt and two time US Olympian Travis Stevens presents a DVD on the spider guard and leg lasso position; the DVD comprises of three spider guard breaks, a leg drag off the first spider guard, four spider guard passes, an overview of the lag lasso position, three lasso passes and a leg lasso counter to guard pass.

The spider guard breaks cover one break from the hip/bicep position and two double biceps positions, with a leg drag from the first spider guard break.  The spider guard passes covers a pass from the foot and biceps position, a defence from the first pass, another pass from the hip/biceps position and a pass from both biceps position.

The leg lasso chapter covers a number of details to be aware of when in this position to prevent you from being controlled, swept and submitted.  From the leg lasso position, Stevens shows a way to break the grip and three options to pass and a leg lasso counter into a pass.

The DVD is approximately fifty minutes and is well produced with clear and concise instruction from Stevens; the DVD is by no means a comprehensive and extensive release, more a basic introduction to the position, with lots of scope for future add on DVD’s covering more passes and counters and sweeps and submissions and much more.

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