Sunday, 21 February 2016

Luiz Ribeiro Charity Seminar

The Checkmat Wimbledon army were on the road once again yesterday, taking part in a charity seminar with London Fight Factory main man Luiz Ribeiro; the seminar was organised by Colin Nwadike and was held at the New Wave Academy Training Centre in SE25.

The session covered concepts concerning guard passes and started with a nice easy warm up drill to start; after this, Luiz talked about the importance of base and balance when looking to pass guard and went on to cover a number of passes and how to counter and frustrate when the person on bottom is looking to get grips established and starting to attack with sweeps.

Luiz was ably assisted by Enrique and AP, who carried on where Luiz left off and demonstrated a number of cool sweeps from the De La Riva position and once drilled, Luiz showed ways of frustrating the guy on bottom, as they attempted to get into the DLR position.

A great concept and specifics driven session from Luiz and company, lots to take in and lots to be drilled in class this coming week; huge thanks again to Colin for organising the seminar and taking us out for an all you can eat Brazilian Churrascaria, where we more than got our money's worth.  Big shout out to Eammon Madden who also attended the seminar, was great to catch up with you.


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