Friday, 12 February 2016

Jiu Jitsu & Self Defence session with MMARAP!

I had a great evening last night, returning to the Ringcross Community Centre in Islington to teach a class for able and deaf people for MMARAP, which is run by Johnathan Buffong; regular readers will know of my long running involvement with Jonny and his organisation, which is now picking up momentum and branching out across London, delivering a wide range of combat sports to young able and disabled people.

After taking an after school class in Central London for Jonny, we went over to Ringcross and I had the honour of taking a session that mixed BJJ and Traditional Jiu Jitsu; after a quick warm up, we covered the upa escape from mount and I showed a few disengagements from collar grabs and neck grabs and ended the session with a few bouts of ground wrassling.

Jonny and myself thoroughly enjoyed the session and I received positive feedback from Jonny the next day off the students and I've been invited back next week to take another class.  

When the scheme first started, as you would expect, numbers were low, but they are now slowly picking up with a core of regular students coming every week, taking part in Jiu Jitsu, Karate and Boxing sessions.  A number of deaf and Downs regularly attend the sessions, who were absent yesterday, but things are heading in the right direction, a testament to Jonny's hard work, dedication and vision towards the future.

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