Saturday, 13 February 2016

Team Training Day @ Fightzone!

The Checkmat family was out in force this afternoon at Marco Canha's Fightzone Academy in Bethnal Green, with over 60 students and instructors sharing the mats, putting in some serious mat time in readiment for the London Open.

Seven black belts were on the mats and main man Chico Mendes oversaw the competition training session and within a few minutes the room was filled with a murky heat haze; lots of drills, specifics and sparring made the two hours fly by and everyone was soaked with sweat when Chico called time at the end of the session.
With John Kelly
Myself and my students thoroughly enjoyed the session and it was a much needed boost and kick up the behind for yours truly, after having a bad year, injury wise in 2015. This year marks the return of Old Man Jiu Jitsu, getting back to full fitness and I was really pumped to finish the whole class without dying and picking up any new injuries, nor inflaming old ones.  As per usual with us seniors, the acid test is always the day after and whether or not I can get my socks on unaided in the morning.
With Neto and Marco
Massive thanks to all the black belts for taking time out to arrange the session, Chico Mendes for the coaching and Marco Canha for allowing us the use of the gym gratis.  
Wimbledon posse with the coaches
Really looking forward to the next session. Ooss! 

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